Amada COMA 567 CNC Turret Punch Press Specifications Control Upgrade

COMA 567 CNC Turret Punch Press Amada

Capacity: 50 Ton

The Amada COMA 567 CNC Turret Punch Press has the following factory specifications:

The Amada COMA 567 CNC Turret Punch Press offers a range of specifications that make it a robust tool for precision punching. Key specifications include:

  • Press Capacity: It operates with a press capacity of 50 to 55 tons, capable of handling substantial materials.
  • Table Size: The machine’s table measures 1550 mm x 3650 mm.
  • Turret Stations: It includes 56 to 58 turret stations, which are capable of handling a variety of tool sizes for complex operations.
  • Maximum Sheet Size: It can manage sheet sizes up to 60” x 144” with repositioning.
  • Material Thickness: The machine can punch materials up to 3/8″ thick.
  • Control System: It is equipped with the Fanuc 04PC CNC control system, enhancing its precision and repeatability.
  • Maximum Hit Rate: It can achieve up to 300 hits per minute, with a maximum positioning speed of 2000 inches per minute.
  • Turret Configuration: Features a thick turret with configurations including auto-index stations for versatile tooling options.
  • Weight: The machine weighs around 30,000 lbs, highlighting its sturdy construction​

These specifications highlight the Amada COMA 567’s capabilities in handling a wide range of sheet metal punching tasks with high precision and efficiency. If you’re looking for more detailed information or specific operational guidance, it might be useful to consult the machine’s user manual or contact a technical representative from Amada.

Amada Control Upgrade

For a quotation on a CNC Control Upgrade for your Amada Turret Punch Press, contact us.

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