Amada PEGA-344 cnc turret punch specifications and control upgrade information. PEGA 344 repair parts and repair services.

PEGA 344 CNC Turret Punch Press Amada

The Amada PEGA-344 CNC Turret Punch Press is known for its robust capabilities and specifications suited for high-efficiency punching operations. Here are the key specifications for this model:

  • Tonnage: The press capacity of the PEGA-344 is 33 tons.
  • Maximum Sheet Size: It can handle sheet sizes up to 40″ x 80″ with repositioning, allowing for large-scale operations.
  • Traverse and Table Dimensions: The maximum traverse is 40″ x 40″, and it has a table size that accommodates the same.
  • Turret Configuration: It features a 58 station turret but notably does not include auto-index stations.
  • Control System: The machine operates with a Fanuc 6M CNC control system, ensuring precision and ease of operation.
  • Speed and Accuracy: It provides high-speed operation with a table traverse speed of 2000 inches per minute and strokes per minute up to 350 for high productivity.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The machine’s overall weight is approximately 21,000 to 23,200 lbs, with dimensions around 14.5′ x 7.6′ x 8’H.
  • Additional Features: It includes features such as a ball transfer table and two work clamps, enhancing its functionality and operational flexibility.

This model is particularly noted for its durable construction and reliable performance, making it a valuable asset for varied punching tasks in metal fabrication​.

Amada Control Upgrade

For a quotation on a CNC Control Upgrade for your Amada Turret Punch Press, contact us.

** NOTE: The above specifications may vary depending upon the original date of manufacture. Other factors such as accessories may be omitted. Refer to the original owners manual and/or manufacturers tag for more details. is not responsible for any misprints, omission’s or discrepancies in the specifications listed on this page.

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