The Amada PEGA 345 Queen specifications. Pega 345 queen control upgrade.

PEGA 345 QUEEN CNC Turret Punch Amada

Amada PEGA 345 Queen CNC Turret Punch Press Specifications

Overview: The Amada PEGA 345 Queen is a robust CNC turret punch press designed for high efficiency in sheet metal fabrication. It boasts a pressing capacity of 33 tons and accommodates large sheet sizes up to 40 inches by 100 inches with repositioning capabilities.

Key Specifications:

  • Turret Configuration: Features a 58-station thick turret with two auto-index stations, enhancing flexibility in operations.
  • Control System: Operated via the Amadan 04PC Control, ensuring precision and ease of use.
  • Clutch and Table: Includes a hydraulic wet clutch and a ball transfer table, optimizing movement and stability during punching operations.
  • Turret Speed: The turret operates at a speed of 30 RPM.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The machine measures 9 feet by 16 feet by 7 feet high and weighs approximately 25,000 lbs, indicative of its sturdy construction and operational capability.

This model is engineered for high performance, offering significant advantages in speed, accuracy, and versatility in metal processing tasks.

Amada Control Upgrade

For a quotation on a CNC Control Upgrade for your Amada Turret Punch Press, contact us.

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